Tumble N Dry - Nilton Binocular Shorts

Tumble N Dry

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Look no further with these adorable binocular print shorts by Tumble 'N Dry. Every tiny trendsetter will immediately want these shorts with binocular print. The jogging shorts are made of soft fabric and have a sporty pocket in front, a back stitched pocket look and an elastic waist with drawstring. The speckled mêlée effect makes it extra tough. Just add a printed t-shirt and voila: 100% T'ND coolnes

Size 68 = 3-6 months

Size 74 = 6-9 months

Sie 80 = 9-12 months

Size 86 = 12-18 months

Size 92 = 18-24 months

Size 98 = 2/3 years